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  • Set your thermostat between 72°F and 78°F. Each degree below 78°F increases energy consumption by about 8%. That can add up to a lot of money over a year

  • Inspect and clean both the indoor and outdoor AC/Heating coils. Dirt build-up on the indoor coil is the single most common cause of poor efficiency.

  • Have the refrigerant charge checked. If the system is overcharged or undercharged it will not work properly.

  • Use bath and kitchen fans sparsely when you are running the air conditioning system.

  • Reduce the cooling load by using cost-effective conservation measures. Examples of this include: effectively shade east and west windows; delay heat-generating activities, like dish washing or baking, until the evening on hot days.

  • check with your utility provider to see if they have peak use times and avoid heavy power usage during these hours.

  • Keep the house closed tight during the day. Don’t let in unwanted heat and humidity.

  • Ventilate at night either naturally or with fans.

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